I heard about this “Now” blog page idea and thought I’d try it myself.

What’s going on now with me? Writing, that’s what. My focus right now is on consistently writing new words. Lots of new words.

Before this past summer I think I enjoyed having written more than writing. That’s kind of a problem, because a writer…well, a writer writes. It had me asking myself if I really was a writer or an “author“.

I’ve figured a lot out over the past four or five years. I’m now writing a novel every other month and I’m enjoying the writing more than I ever have before.

I’m on track to deliver seven novels in 2016. As of February I have one with the editor and two more poised for release. (I have another finished manuscript, but it might need to be rewritten. We’ll see.) And I’m more than halfway through writing a murder mystery that is really coming together.

I also have plans to return to the zombie genre. I think I have something original to say. I’ll talk more about that later, once it starts to resemble something closer to reality.

I’ll update this page as goals change and focus shifts.