Out of the Badlands Available for Preorder

Out of the Badlands Cover 251x400It’s finally here: Out of the Badlands, book #3 in my Badlands series, is now available for preorder.

This one has certainly been a long time coming. In 2014 I started what I thought would be the third book in a four book series, but it became clear after a few hundred pages that that book (Vengeance In the Badlands) really didn’t fit inside the story arc. So I decided to back burner it and write the last book instead, making the series a trilogy.

But then I got burned out on it and decided to finish my sci-fi thriller, The Crossover Gene. After that was finished in late 2014, I picked back up on the last Badlands book. But since I was so slow and inconsistent back then it took me seven months to make it halfway through the book and I got burned out again.

To take my mind off it, I wrote a novella called Yesterday In Black late last year and then got back to work finishing the last Badlands book. The time away did me some good and I burned through the last half quickly (and it was fun again).

You can preorder the book from the following booksellers:

Unfortunately Barnes and Noble can’t do preorders with their system, so I can’t make it available for preorder on the Nook. It will, however, be available there on or after April 16th.

I’d like to thank the folks waiting on this book for their patience and for not sending me hate mail on the matter while I stretched my creative legs in between releases. I like to think that the experience made me a better writer and more equipped for the job of tackling book three. We’ll see about that. Most writers, outside of those unfortunate narcissistic souls convinced of their own genius, think that everything they write is basically crap. I’m no different. While I’ve learned to get along with my critical voice (mostly by ignoring it) that nagging fear is always there. Either folks will like it or they won’t; it’s out of my hands now.

I don’t have any more books planned for the series, but I didn’t close the door completely. I left it open just a bit. I have an idea of where I could take the series should the urge strike me. This idea would take the series in a much different direction though. We’ll see. I say if you want more then write me and let me know. Reader demand has a way of nudging me in one direction or another.

So preorder Out of the Badlands today from your favorite book store or pick it up on April 16th. Either way, I hope you dig it.

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