A New Home

For the past five years I’ve run a blog called Return to Writing where the theme was my journey back into creative writing after an eleven year hiatus. I hosted that blog on WordPress.com, which worked fine, but I’ve been wanting to host it myself for some time now. With a new year ahead of us, it seemed a good time to finally just make that happen.

I’ll leave the old blog up for posterity and reference and because I don’t really have the time to move all the content to the new blog. Maybe one day, but I’d rather focus on the writing right now. It’s more important.

By hosting the blog myself I can guarantee exclusive ownership of the content, remove ads and control fully the presentation of the content. From the technical side, I can do my own backups and install my own themes and plugins. I prefer to have that kind of control, which likely explains why I also self-publish.

I’ll link to the blog from my homepage and you can, of course, subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed for convenience. I’m planning on spending more time here in 2016 too, creating content that appeals to my readers as much as other writers. The goal right now is to keep it focused tightly on content and remove distractions. I’d also like to start offering more free fiction here, so check back later on that.

I don’t take donations, so if you want to support me you can buy my books, that way I’m working for my money. Oh, and tell your friends. Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter; you get a free book just for signing up.

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